Thursday, August 04, 2011

"She spoke Spanish with a French accent, having difficulty rolling her r's, dragging them on the ground as only the French have the right to do. How do such flaws become beautiful in the right person? ... I asked if she liked the park. She said the survival of Gaudi's work is 'a reprimand to Franco'. Which struck me as one of those strong, stupid opinions that are endearing in their way."
- Ilustrado, Miguel Syjuco

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David said...


What is bringing you to the States.

The northern states such where I live are entering winter. Cold can be dealt with.

Bad clothing is the only reason one FEELS the cold.

Poor hydration and lack of attention to moisturizing is why many Asian's suffer through their first winter.

If you are going to live in the south or southwest, really cold weather appears for brief periods before warm, but not hot temps return.

America's culture is very diverse. Phil-Ams, Chinese-Americans and Korean American's are among the largest group of immigrant's from Asia.

I can find Filipino, Vietnamese, Chinese, Korean and Japanese eateries all within a short 15-40 minute drive from my home.

BTW, with the exception of large cities, New York, Chicago, Los Angeles and a few others, MRTs, and subways will be rare. Personal cars othoh are everywhere.

Enjoy your time in the States!