Saturday, November 17, 2012

Why do we hurt the ones we love the most?

Why is it that when we're in the shittiest mood or the shittiest stage of life we can be okay to the rest of the world, but we take it out on the people we love? Because we trust them? Because we think they'll be okay? Because we all bounce back from being hurt? Is this what it means to love, and to be loved? If so then love sucks. I hate love. I wish I had never put my faith back into it. I wish we could call it by some other word. Not love. But something else. Something that'll erase all the pain and Judeo-Christian suffering that we've attached to the idea of love. Maybe there is something to Sweden's eradication of personal pronouns...not. I think it's stupid.

You never know. You never know at the start of it all if you're insured against being hurt. You buy a car, you pay some money up front, you pay a little every month, voila, you're insured. You can be a shit driver and know you'll wreck your car...heck, you can watch a car crash happen before your very eyes and you know you'll come out of it insured. Security. Something. What is there to insure you against having your heart ripped out of your ribcage - bloody veins and all - and thrown to the ground? And just left there. Not even trampled on or anything, but just laying there on the ground, all shriveled up from being in the wrong temperature and wrong acidity level or whatever. Just laying there, beating away, like a fish out of water.

I am genuinely ... perplexed. And I don't even just ask this of myself, or of my personal shit. I'm asking this as a universal question. Why do we keep loving if all we do is get hurt? But May Zhee, you say, maybe it's just you. I'm perfectly happy with my significant other! Well whoo-pee-doo for you, cheerful little redhead. How many times did you have your heart ripped out before you found him? Why does this guy make everything worth it? And then I get some stupid lovey-dovey reply in return.

Maybe we can call it "like". I like you, a lot. And that's enough. Maybe then we wouldn't attach all our expectations, our desires, all the important bits of who we are, onto it. Maybe then we wouldn't hurt so much. (Yes, I stole that line out of a Neil Labute play. No fucks given.)


Anonymous said...

wtf is this shit? did your school teach you to write like this? defensively? you don't have it.

kitty scherbatsky said...

I agree with you.
I don't know whether it's worth it or not.
And no, I don't know why we choose to hurt the ones we love most.

Anonymous said...

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David said...

May Zhee,

Most often when humans are hurt or disappointed in affairs of love and heart the hurt seems unbearable.

A basic tenet of Judeo-Christian beliefs and most, but not all belief systems, is the concept of free will.

Humans willingly become vunerable to others. Often for all the wrong reasons one person is drawn to another person who is completly wrong for the person seeking affection.

Friendship, affection and love are truly required for humans to grow and prosper.

Some famous tyrannts and evil people have come from events that left brought up in relations lacking love and affection. Life filled with hate, despair and lack of basic human kindness has created monsters that have inflicted great harm to many millions.

This is the alternative to abandoning love.

Do not think that a langauge dictate that forbids the use of certian pronouns will protect you or anyone from personal disappointment and heart break.

Do not mistake your willingness to offer someone your sexual favors to think or know that you love that person.

Real and lasting love involves more than sex.

If you truly and really love yourself the right type of people will be drawn to you like a magnet.

Broadcast that you are dangerous and vunerable for the wrong reasons and you attract the jerks and nasty types.

The choice is yours.


Anonymous said...

what the fuck is wrong with this generation? they scored tons of As but where the fuck is the mind? this is one fucked-up generation fed to the sewers!

and this david whothefuck? bitch in the guise of dude? gtfo! go gorge more salamis!

Anonymous said...

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Anonymous said...

Good luck and good life, everyone is entitled to be whoever they want to be. Its what got you to wherever you are today.