Monday, January 21, 2013

I am listing my favorite vegetables as follows:

1. Mushrooms
2. Corn
3. Escarole
4. Brussels sprouts
5. Sugar snap peas
6. Asparagus
7. Sweet potato
8. Okra/lady's fingers (only when cooked a certain way)
9. Some types of beans (chickpeas and lentils)

I like them because they are vegetables that taste good no matter how you cook them. Or, in the case of sugar snap peas and corn, when you eat them raw. I've been popping most of these in the oven and they come out tasting like little bits of heaven. I say the same for steaks, of course. I haven't given up my meat-eating ways. I don't think anything comes quite close to taking a bite of steak cooked the way you want it. In my case, medium-rare. (I'm sorry, cows. If you weren't made for eating, you wouldn't taste so good, even with minimal cooking. This fact is a big fuck you to vegetarian-preachers out there.) But my love for vegetables have been discovered and fulfilled upon my procurement of a kitchen. Fuck living in a dorm. Fuck sleeping and breathing in a bullshit cubicle of a room and then coming out into a tiny ass "common room" that is the size of a luxurious prison cell with no amenities whatsoever and looks exactly alike in every other room in the building and saps the life out of me (whenever I see photos taken in dorms I shudder to think of the years I've lived there and then laugh maniacally to myself about how I don't anymore).

Where was I? Vegetables and having my own place. It's great. Cooking has been both nightmarish and delightful to me. (I seem to have this relationship with most things that I enjoy.) I pretty much don't touch the cast-iron skillet - the man in the house handles that. But I work great (or so I think) with everything else that doesn't sputter oil in my face. I sound like some food blogger or the people who post their recipes online. Clearly I am reading too many of those blogs.

Vegetables in my refrigerator now are: escarole, brussels sprouts and half a bunch of kale - half of which I cooked last night. Verdict? Sure I'd have it again but not the biggest fan. I had coconut milk kale before and that was delicious but it was probably more of the coconut milk. Hence it doesn't belong in my list of favorite vegetables. There's also lettuce in my fridge but I am actively ignoring it because I hate it. (Bf bought it, not me.) Lettuce is one of those vegetables you eat because it's everywhere and it's cheap and so I eat it because of herd mentality, but I don't like it. Same thoughts about spinach.

I know there's a lack of "Asian greens" in that list and you will get the impression from my ultimate list of favorite vegetables that I have been whitewashed. But a) I actually had a lot of the above foods as a child (sweet potato soup, anyone??) b) I tend to get really sick of food that I've eaten endlessly as a child, with the strange exception of rice. God I love rice. But it wasn't something I truly discovered until I left Asia and was deprived of it. There's food psychology for you.

Okay. I'm going to stop rambling on about vegetables.


Anonymous said...

i love it that you like veg. perhaps we can make some awesome veg meals one day ^^ and some of you favs hmm... interesting ;)

Irvine said...

vegetables are good!